Thursday, 17 May 2018

Eastern Zones Netball Day!

On Wednesday our two Year 5/6 Netball teams competed and had fun at the Eastern Zones Netball Tournament. Everyone did a great job using their character strengths. We all set goals before starting the day around how we can show 'Mahi Katoa'. Mahi Katoa is something we say in the Karakia about working together.  

Here are some reflections of the day:

Today went well, we all showed good sportsmanship and we all passed and shared the ball with each other. We thank the parents and teachers. We are very grateful to them for taking us to netball, and with out you we wouldn't have gone. We had lots of fun and gave it our all. Both teams won 3 games and lost 1, we did really well.

Netball was really fun collaborating and calling for the ball. we worked as a team and passed the ball really well. We came second over all and bet the second hardest team. Now it is one of my favourite sports because we work as a great team. I think we’re going to do well.

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