Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Argument Writing. Can I convince you?

We have been developing persuasive pieces of writing to express our ideas to wrap up our Inquiry.  What can be done to be a Forest Protector?

Many of us have developed some strong ideas about deforestation, pests and the damage they have caused and some have been focusing on water quality in New Zealand Aotearoa.

Today we had a debate to really thrash out the issue.

Great arguing guys!  Just for the record book; the results turned out to be a draw:13 votes each.

Another example:

Loss of habitat  by Greta Year 4
Loss of habitat , stop and think!
NZ is losing lots of forests.  If we lose our forests we will lose the creatures which live in them!
I believe something must be done to protect our forests and replace what has been lost.

Birds don't wreck our homes why should we wreck theirs?
Did you know 919,000 square kilometers of trees are cut down a year.
And in 2000 - 2013 trees were cut down globally, about 70,000 square kilometers per year
Hey you; If we cut down trees it's hard for our natives to live that can't live on the ground.
Birds help to the spread seed so once they are gone, the trees can’t grow from seed.

If this goes on birds will die!  Die forever means to become extinct!  
Did you know every 12 years more kiwis die than live.
Hey birds do help, their poop can contain seeds.

If this goes on, natives could die.
Did  you know around 4 billion trees die every year for paper so birds need to find homes elsewhere.
Life on the ground is hard and can be dangerous, especially when so many of their homes are killed
every year

Come on reader you gotta help everyone can make a big difference right?
What's happening to our habitat? Loss of habitat is the answer.
It's up to you and me reader.
We can do this, come on! I have the power, you do too, everyone does.  
Let’s stop deforestation once and for all.

The end

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