Thursday, 10 May 2018

Worser Bay Cross Country 2018

Wow! What an amazing event! Our students showed great resilience and perseverance to get around the course. We loved how some of our senior students helped the younger students in Tautoru and Autahi to complete the course.

Students set themselves challenging goals leading up to the event. We have been demonstrating our learner attribute- I am Powerful!

Worser Bay Kids: We are proud of you all!

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  1. hello WBS!!! do you remember me? its kirsty!! i have settled in to my school now, (ISB, the 2 biggest school in the world) and have made many friends, some yr 5s,including talia, georgina,and alba a yr 6 might remember me telling you that i have a pet snake!! good work to all of you who particapated and did there best in cross country. best wishes, Kirsty