Thursday, 31 May 2018

No straws on our shores

"We are here to tell you all about PFP, and its new campaign, No

Straws On Our Shores and the reward cards with it. You may be

wondering what the reward cards are, here is something about


The reward cards will be given out next week,  you will have around

five weeks to fill them in. During those five weeks we hope

that every time you go to a cafe,bar or restaurant on the peninsula you

will say,No to a straw, you will then receive a stamp on your card or

your family’s card. You will need six stamps in total then you can take

it to the next PFP july beach clean up, where you will be in the draw to

win… vouchers for peninsula cafes and a pack of metal straws. We

hope to see you there!

Thank you for listening to our speech

For more information go to the PFP blog at...

This is a letter we sent out to cafes around the Peninsula:

No straws on our shores

PFP - Plastic Free Peninsula inc.

Dear Cafe Owner/ Manager,

PFP is a group of children and adults that for nearly 2 years has been trying to find ways to make the Miramar Peninsula plastic free. We are trying to do this by reducing the amount of single use plastic used on the Peninsula. In our time as a group we have made bags out of pillowcases and ties and helped to make boomerang bags. We also have done four beach clean ups and soon to have a fifth as we are concerned about the wildlife and sealife on our Peninsula. We’ve had many meetings as well. Our latest campaign is NO STRAWS ON OUR SHORES.

We are trying to get rid of plastic straws on the Peninsula beaches which is where you come in, if you can please do these things to help us:

We are making no straws on our shores stamp cards. Kids may come into your cafe with a no straws stamp card, like the coffee cards you might have. They may say, please can I not have a straw with my drink, and then can you please stamp or tick their card. If they do not have a card this does not have to be done, but please can you not give them a straw if they ask to not have a straw.

We are trying to make this simple for you as you don’t need to hand out the cards or collect the cards, please just stamp or tick the cards.

When the cards are filled up we will give prizes at our winter beach clean up in July, the winners will be pulled out of a hat. There will be 5 winners and the prizes include a pack of metal straws and vouchers. After that has happened you will receive a certificate from the PFP team saying thank you to how you helped us have less plastic straws on our shores.

We would like to promote your cafe in this campaign. If you would like to help us by stamping the cards please email us at

and we will add you to the list of supporting cafes/eateries.

For more information about our PFP group you can check our blog site:

Thank you for reading this letter and helping to make the Miramar Peninsula beaches plastic free!

Edward (9yrs) and the PFP team

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