Thursday, 10 May 2018

Positive Purpose

We have been starting to learn more about how having a positive purpose can help
others, and help ourselves feel good too. Positive purpose is one of the six
domains in our flourishing model. Our work to help others in the school through our
student council responsibilities helps us to have a positive purpose, and we do lots
of other things to help others too.

Here are some of our thoughts after a quick write today:

    In Student council, I’m in the environmental group.

My positive purpose is to help people to trap and do other things. Positive means
good and happy, purpose means a reason for something.

Student council gives us kids, teachers and parents a positive purpose because it
makes kids feel good and proud and it makes everyone else happy or excited
when we reveal what we've been working on, for example, a disco or a new
solution to trapping pests. Yay! ICT helps so many students learn for to use tech
(short for technology) even better. You can't forget library helping out the students
issue books and last but not least PALs not that is an important group helping
young students. All of that leads to positive purpose.

At student council we go down to the Juniors and help them use chrome books
and computers. This is positive purpose. We also sometimes bring dash along, to
show the little kids how to coed blockly.

My student council helps me get positive purpose because I help the juniors with setting up
chromebooks and deleting the photos on the ipads mostly selfies .

I also helped with the dash and teaching them to use dash. I helped them do the coding and help them
with the password to the computers.

I think the environment  group does good by helping trap the rats  so we can have more native
birds. Also I think we help the events by planting food in the garden  so they can make food for
the event and also we have a shade house and it helps grow plants and trees that are endangered  so
we plant more of them in our future. I have also been involved in a trapping work shop.

Positive purpose.

Our positive purpose at school is... being inclusive and trapping for miramar. And I think planting on worser bay beach.
I think that a plastic free school. I think there is another one oh yes! Helping others thats the best one yet yes helping others could you tell me a bit more about that soon.

We help in student council because we trap pests such as rats, mice and lots more. We also do planting at the beach down the bank and in some other places in Wellington. When we do plant we plant things that are native and help the environment. We also have a shade house that we keep tiny saplings in and when they are too big we plant them down the bank. Sometimes if the trap has not caught anything we try new things to put in the traps.
Ben Bo

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