Friday, 7 September 2018

100 Word Challenge: … but what colour should it be? …

We have signed up to the 100 word challenge. Some of our students decided to accept the challenge and write a story that included the prompt … but what colour should it be? … 

This has given us a purpose and audience for our writing. It is also a great way to edit our writing. Exactly 100 words is not easy!

“What colour should it be?” Asked Dave “Uhhh, blue.” Answered Danny “ Ok.” Concluded Dave “ lets do it” Dave and Danny started painting, Dave does the left side and Danny does the right side. After a hour of long hard painting, Dave and Danny finally get to the last stroke where a single screw stuck in the wall. Dave painted over the screw and the room was complete. All of a sudden, the room started to lean and the wall started splashing them with cold, fresh water. At this point, they couldn’t stand anymore, they fell into the water, and drowned.
By Henry

I squealed in excitement and raced up the stairs to my attic bedroom. I’m going to the mayors party! I’m going to the mayors party! Those words were racing around in my head. I finally reached my bedroom door. I threw open my wardrobe doors and looked inside. I had to wear a dress, it was the woman’s dress code, but what colour should it be? I had a jade green dress, a sky blue dress, a snow white dress, but finally I decided on a lilac dress. I grabbed some violet slippers and a purple ribbon. “Ready!” I shouted.
By Emelia

But what colour should it be? I wondered glancing at all of my clothes stuffed in the closet. Oh how I wish I could chose. blue leggings, red t-shirt? I emptied the last of the tops onto the floor and sighed. I gasped,there was a massive door in my closet. I unlocked it and saw a hole. I poked my head through. The tunnel was lit by dim lanterns that casted ghostly shadows on the walls. “Nell dinner time.” I pulled my head back out and rushed down stairs for dinner. Then I realised, the door was still open!!!
By Nell

“I finally get to dye my hair I’m so excited to dye my hair” said June “I’m only ten and I’m already allowed to die it”. “The only question is what colour should it be? Green? Nope too boyish. What about brown? definitely not. Hmm pink ? Too girly. What should I have? I can’t decide there are so many choices, purple, green, pink, yellow, brown, black, red, orange or white, even rainbow? Maybe some chicken soup well help me decide” June sat at the table trying to decide then she had an amazing idea for the colour of her hair.
By Yasmin

I decide what colour my room should be, Navy. Because I think that is a good decision.Then my friend walks in and says why not blue.Then I start to rethink my choice and doubt myself. But my the answer that was in my head was what colour should it be? I thought about it all day and then I thought pink because that shows powerful and fun and that is what I like. Then I change my mind the green is too bright. I decide to go with mint. It is not to bright but not to dull.
By Orla

What colour should it be? The crew didn’t know so they asked the schools. Each school said different colours. The crew choose a colour. But no one agreed. So they decided to think about it for a week. But it didn’t help. The schools grew impatient for the answer, then a kid in one of the school said “if you don’t know what colour you should chose why not choose a colour that the schools haven't said.’’ From that day, they thought of orange, a bright colour that no one said. Now there is the orange day parade. THE END
By Zoe

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