Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Beauty in Maths: Our new Inquiry first ideas

Our new Inquiry is all about the Beauty in Maths. We will investigate patterns in nature, Maths in the Arts, meeting the needs of people and in different cultures. These are our first ideas. Please discuss at home! It is great to keep the learning conversations happening...

Adam: We talked today about trees - how they need certain amounts of space, light, water and nutrients. And how plants display mathematical patterns in their geometry- rings in the trunk, flowers, petals

Talia: At home we looked at Fibonacci numbers and spirals. 

Cameron: We discussed Maths in war. Maths helped the Americans make a bomb that is said to have lead to the end of the war in the Pacific so could it also be a 'Good' thing?

Greer W: It relates to minutes in football and sports games.

Steph: It connects to money and shopping.

Blaze: Maths connects with time so you know when you need to be at stuff. It is important if you have an appointment. 

 Brainstorm by Caspian

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