Thursday, 6 September 2018

Growing our character strengths to help our maths learning

We often talk about using our character strengths to help with our learning. Today we looked at the character strengths we don't use so often and made plans to use them to help with our maths learning. We looked at the poster that we created as a school last Whanau Day where we designed visual representations of each poster. Here are some of our ideas (captured in a quick write)...

In maths maybe I should have some perseverance because sometimes I just give up. I should use more love of learning because when I’m not positive it makes me go slower. I could explain my work more in numbers on paper - I’ll persevere! My goal is to use this more so I can get better in my math in class and at home!!! 
Megan D

What strengths Do I need to use in math that can make me better in math? I think I need to use leadership and love of learning I think I need to use Love of learning because Sometimes I am not to enthusiastic about doing something hard but I will use this character strength in math more and use a growth mindset!!! I think I need to use leadership and help others more when they don't know an answer to a question.

What strengths could i use more in maths to help me? I could use bravery and face all of my upcoming challenges like a rhino breaking through a wall. And also not fear of them in the future. I could use perseverance to push my way through harder questions and hopefully succeed with all of them but it is still ok if I don't succeed becuase mistakes help me grow my brain. I could use love of learning to show that I love math because I do love math Mathhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it is good for you. I will use curiosity in math so I can ask questions.

Character strength What character do I use in maths? I would use bravery in maths. Bravery helps me share my ideas. perseverance also helps me finish stuff that I need to finish.

Character strengths I should use Love Of Learning more, I don’t use it much because I’m not used to it. I will use Zest in my maths, I will use energy in my maths so I have fun. I will use bravery by continuing even if I’m done. I will use these Character Strengths in maths everyday.

I need to use more hope in my maths to believe I can do more of my challenges that I get given. I need to use more leadership and volunteer to lead a group instead of relying on my friends to do it with me. I need to use more creativity in my maths learning so I don't always think that maths is one thing. By Nell

What character strengths could I use more in maths to help me? I don’t use my character strength of perspective in maths. Using it would help me learn more strategies in maths and look at stuff differently.

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