Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Let's be curious about Maths

In a workshop today we were looking at noticing and wondering about mathematical pictures. We were trying to think 'low floor, high ceiling' and really about ANYTHING to do with the picture. 

What do we notice?

  • there are different sizes of eggs
  • the eggs are different colours
  • they are wet and glossy
  • the little egg has no shine
  • there is an unidentified brown object present underneath the eggs
  • the eggs are in an ARRAY!
  • they are almost all the same size apart from the mini egg!
  • there are lots of shades of brown
  • there are tiles in the back ground
  • there are 4 rows and 9 coloumns
  • the photographer took a crooked photo!
  • there are 36 eggs

What do we wonder?

  • How many chickens did it take to lay all of the eggs?
  • Why are they different shapes?
  • What is the mat the eggs are lying on?
  • Is the middle egg an imposter egg and is actually a spray painted ping pong ball?
  • Are the tiles a kitchen floor?
  • Why are the eggs glossy/wet?
  • Is there are cat in this household?
  • Are the eggs cooked or raw?
  • Are they actually kidney beans?
  • Are the eggs all fake?

What were we learning to do by practicing an activity like this?
"To think for quite a while."
"Work you way up to the question."
"Look from different perspectives at a situation."
"To wonder about things and not just rush to the answer."
'We are building our way up to problems!"

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