Sunday, 9 September 2018

Staying with a problem, accepting challenges!

We have been working through logic problems. We know that accepting challenges and staying with a problem helps the brain to grow.

Can you solve this puzzle? 

Why Logic Puzzles?

1. They develop Critical Thinking skills so that you can problem solve in different situations.

2. It exercises the brain. Practising these types of puzzles helps the brain to make connections. It helps your brain get used to focusing on a single problem.

3. It will help you to be a more successful Mathematician. You will be able to apply logic to work out Maths problems successfully.

Why not try some of our problems that we have published on Online Maths, Week 7 and 8, Term 3, 2018

Jan: This is a puzzle that asks you how many triangles there are. I had to persevere a lot to get the answer...

Sarah Flannery, at age of 16, won the Young Scientist of the Year award in Ireland.
This is Sarah talking about maths and the role her parents played in her own amazing achievements.

“My parents definitely let me see that mathematics was this beautiful subject. I think a lot of people never even hear those two words in the same sentence.
So they gave that to me, and they gave me, through these different puzzles, where even I thought I couldn't start out on them, they showed me, no, you have lots of tools, and techniques, and ways to visualise, and get started, and you can do it.”

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