Monday, 27 May 2019


Dr. Fredrickson has been studying positive emotions. Her data reveals that negative emotions, like fear, can close down our ability to function, while positive emotions open us up to possibility, and an increased ability to move forward. 

We are learning what feelings and emotions are, understanding how and why they happen, recognising our own feelings and those of others. We are developing effective ways of managing them. Emotions are an intrinsic part of learning.

We talk about emotions so that students: 
  • understand that there are different emotions (anger, sadness, worry, embarrassment, excitement, happiness, guilt etc)
  • understand that emotions vary in intensity from mild to strong
  • understand that emotions are triggered by thoughts and situations
  • able to identify emotions in self and others
  • able to express emotions and take steps to cope with negative emotions.

We have been unpacking the the meaning of the emotion, awe. 

We are appreciating and sketching the beautiful view at school! We feel awe. 
Awe by Evie  
Awe is part of the word Awesome. It is linked to happiness and when you see something that you really like. For example, I felt awe when I was walking along the street when I saw a seal fighting with a octopus in the sea. They were fighting for fish. We walked along the wharf and then they somewhere in the deep blue sea. Awe is also like a sign of amazement. Another reason for someone to feel awe is when they might see 750,000 dominos fall down on to the floor. I always love to feel awe.

Awe by Nell  
Milly walks closer to the singer. A light glows red and a word appears. AWE. Me!!!! I punch the air and race through the other feelings. You see us feelings live in Milly’s head. When she is feeling sad we send sad. Joy we send joy and Awe, well they send me. I run and push my way through the crowd of feelings to the action room. 
 ‘You're late’ said grumpy. ‘I know. But it is my first time’ he grumbles and I get on the action bed. I breath in slowly and I open my mouth, close it, say stuff like, Wow and Brilliant. I pretend to be speechless and then... it’s over. The singer is finished the action bed stops lighting up, the board now says sadness, and I know why. Why couldn’t I be sad or happy or even confusion. Sadness runs in and I get of the bed. I walk out of the room to be greeted by confusion. ‘Hey, morning good, day lovely. Matter what Awe?’ ‘Hi, confusion. It is a nice day. I am fine.’ I lie. Thats another feeling I could have been. Milly lies a lot. I walk through the crowd, and to my house. Better luck next time Awe. I tell myself. For once I am not feeling as awesome as I should be.

Awe by Nela 
Awe is a feeling, something you only experience once in a while. You will feel awe when you see something beautiful or something different for example if you saw a beautiful sunset or sunrise you would feel awe. If you saw a beautiful painting you would feel awe. If you went and experienced something amazing you would feel awe, you may recognise it from the word awesome which is more modern but means the same thing. Awesome is more of a word you would use in writing to explain something and awe is more of a feeling but they connect in the same way. Feeling awe is one of my favourite things to feel. It relaxes me, seeing or doing and experiencing something beautiful and amazing will change the way you look at things and put you in a good frame of mind in short, awe is awesome !!!!

What is awe? By Lily 
Awe is a feeling that you get when you see something that gets your mind rolling and turning about that was AWEsome or how do they do that? You have maybe felt awe for yourself when you have done something cool that you felt happy that you did it, or maybe someone did something and you felt GREAT for them. You could also feel it for arts like drama, a play you say thought it was AWEsome,or dance, singing, art or anything that inspires you.

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