Wednesday, 22 May 2019

'Where We Dance' Action Day!

Today we celebrated/actioned our learning in our 'Where We Dance' Inquiry. After our more recent learning around refugee experiences, we looked at ways to build social cohesion within our community. We considered how we might welcome new people to our community. We reflected on how we treat one another at a societal level and considered how we as children in Worser Bay can make a difference in our world.

So we started with our school. We introduced our website which outlines the fun and exciting things to do where WE dance.

"We are aiming to make more community bonds so there is no more violence" - Caspian

The students of Māhutonga/Matariki also set up workshops in which they could collaborate with students from Tautoru and Autahi in various activities. The senior students found Positive Purpose in their work, they also felt challenged in making workshops that kept the students engaged. 

"I really liked finding people of different ages that are interested in the same things as me" - Jake

"It was really fun because it was a time to catch up with Tautoru people" - Eddie

Overwhelming, the experience was enjoyable for all of our school and something we want to do again. Our senior students showed that they are role models and were incredibly encouraging towards the younger students. Watch this space as we broaden our community bonds to beyond Worser Bay School!

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