Friday, 10 May 2019

Pīwakawaka Enlargement

This week we have enjoyed exploring concepts of geometry and measurement through meaningful and authentic tasks.

Enlargement is one of those concepts that seems on its surface to be straightforward. That is, until you actually attempt to enlarge something!

We thought about some real-world examples of enlargement such as growing, baking and manipulating pictures on a computer. We understand that you need to drag the corners on a picture to enlarge it, otherwise you are only changing the width or height. We also noticed that the opposite of enlarging is shrinking, as is the case with a globe!

We were given a small piece of a picture, and the instruction to enlarge it by a factor of 3. The original piece had a grid of 4cmx4cm and the enlarged one, 12cmx12cm.

We had no idea what the complete picture would be and we were encouraged to use a full rainbow of colour.

We worked in pairs to help each other. It was really tricky to get it right, but we used our Growth Mindsets and supported each other to get it done.

It turned out the picture was one of our favourite manu māori (native birds), the pīwakawaka:

Tihei mauri ora!

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