Thursday, 2 May 2019

Writing About Setting.

We have been developing our writing by describing the setting in more detail so that the reader identifies more with the story. We want the reader to be able to 'feel' more of what it would be like to be 'in' the story and to do this they must have a sense of where the story is unfolding.

Before writing we did a brainstorm about what good writers do and what we wanted to focus on during our writing about the setting.  The list below are the things we decided we needed to think about.
Then we wrote a story together, using the mysterious photo above.  Is the figure in the photo feeding a bear?  Where are they?  Is that a boat pulled up on the shore beside them?  What are they doing?  Are they as cold as they look?

Hard at work thinking about our writing. It's almost enough to make you want to scratch your head!

This is a sample of the writing we did together and have continued to develop in groups during the week:

Wind whistled off the icy waves.  A lazy musky light filtered through the clouds.  It was sunrise but the sun was a cheese in a fridge.  The stones on the shore rumbled, waves crunched then sucked back like a hungry mouth, dark blue foaming.

He pulled his collar up, turning his back to the misty shore, shivering but happy.
"Come here Bear! We have herring for breakfast,'  he said, his voice like the gravel on the beach.
(to be continued?)

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