Sunday, 12 May 2019

Positive Accomplishment through Cross Country

Last Wednesday our students ran our annual Cross Country on Worser Bay Beach. Positive Accomplishment focuses on enabling individual growth through achieving meaningful outcomes. 

Students have been striving for goals. Achieving these goals has been highly rewarding. Our students have been embracing the Cross Country challenge with grit and determination. 

Sophie: This week my goal was to try my best at Cross Country, and I achieved this goal. The character strength I used was Perseverance as I had to keep running.

Ella: My cross country goal was to try my best. I did try my best. 

Nela: I showed good sportsmanship and paced myself so I did achieve my goals.

Solly: The Character Strengths I used was Bravery and Perseverance in Cross Country. I needed to use my Growth Mindset because I needed to change some of my tactics to move to a higher place. My goals went quite well because I did what I wanted to.

Nell: My goal was to try my hardest in cross country. I tried my hardest and completed it, not dragging behind. I had to walk some of it but tried to run and jog most. I almost gave up on the last half but I kept going and I made it! I am really proud. I loved clapping people on.

Octavia: I achieved my goal. My goal was to not stop and walk at any point in the race. I had to use Perseverance because I really wanted to stop and walk but I didn’t.

Rhosyn: I did use my Growth Mindset in Cross Country this week. I persevered and I am proud of myself!

Archie: I used the character strength of bravery because I kind of didn't want to do it. I felt happy at the end. I felt like I did a good job.

Talia: My goal was to persevere and support other people in cross country. I did good and I persevered and supported a lot of people. I persevered a lot while I was running and tried not to give up even though I was in a lot of pain.

Beatrix: I am grateful to have ran the course.

Evie: At Cross Country I achieved my goal by using my Growth Mindset and not giving up. The Character Strength that I used was Perseverance because I keep going. Cross Country was fun but also hard because about two times I got a stitch. I liked it because me and Cleo ran together. As soon as me and Cleo came up to the grass we heard everybody shouting "Go Evie and Cleo!" Everyone was so encouraging. As soon as I passed the end my throat was cracking. I ran up and grabbed my water bottle. "Good job" my mum said to me. She also gave me a big hug and then me and my friends made a city out of sand.

Chris: I did well in Cross County. I think I did well on my goals. I kept on going. I tried my hardest.

Will: I used Perseverance, Bravery, Zest, Growth Mindset, and a bit of Prudence and Humility. I came about 21st, 20th, 19th, 18th, or 17th. We went around the rock (Jeffery/Bob/Spiny Norman) then through the dunes and on to the grass and back through the grass and onto the sand, back up the dunes and onto the grass then back through the grass and onto the sand and finish where we started.

Pippa: I did achieve my goal by pacing myself so I wouldn't get tired 😴 and I am so proud of myself for not racing against anyone but myself I used Perseverance and Zest.

Anastasiya: Cross Country was great but hard. I really enjoyed it, especially the part were I helped Autahi. I think I have achieved my goals and I am looking forward to the next Cross Country.

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