Friday, 3 May 2019

Growth Mindset and Kaizen Steps

In our Māhutonga/Matariki whānau, we know that it is important to continue to keep a Growth Mindset. We know that abilities can be developed through hard work and perseverance. Perseverance means that you keep trying and don't give up. Kaizen steps are where you have to keep going up small steps. Once you get to a high step you get to big challenges. Challenges are hard but if you keep trying them you can get better at them. Sometimes you fail but that is ok because that is first attempt in learning. By Ollie

We are using a Growth Mindset during our Cross Country training

Here is some writing that we have done. We were thinking about a time when we used a Growth Mindset.


I looked up at the hill, then looked down the other end. I pushed down on the pedals, every push felt like I was being pulled down. I hi a stump. As I spun through the air my heart skipped a beat. I landed on the ground and bounced back up, landing on the top. I stuck my wheel round and skidded though this wasn’t enough to slow me down. I am sent zooming down, every rock I’m sent into the air. As I came down I landed on a huge ramp like rock an whoosh into the sky. I look down at the ground and I tell myself to stop. Then I look how far I’ve come and I push on, preparing for the long climb up the second hill.

Hunter R:

“Next five” the lifeguard said. I was walking up the stairs to go to the seven metre diving boards. My heart was racing. I got to the top. My heart was about to pop. I was so nervous but I walked to the edge. I jumped, I landed on the slide with a thump. I was on the slide for a second but then I flew off the end. The water enveloped me as I emerged. I felt a strike of pride. I had made it. I was so happy

Mae S:

My heart is pounding as I ride down the cliff. I can do this. "I can do this" I think as I jump across the turn. Wait. There is a really tight turn. Can I do this? can I do this? I think as I slam down my brakes. No. No I can’t. Soon I find myself doing giant bumps, riding on steep things, narrow corridors, and other crazy stuff. I find myself at the finish line, eating a taco. Well maybe that bit was not true.

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