Friday, 24 May 2019

Whāia Ngā Whetū (Follow the Stars)

On Monday we went for a walk to the lookout and we began imagining if all the houses were gone and we went back 700 years. We thought that there would be mostly water because the sea was higher then. Apparently there were three smaller hapū where Roseneath School is now. We thought that the people of Whetūkairangi may have communicated with them using smoke signals.

The whare they lived in were really small, we tried making the outline of our own whare on middle court and quickly realised they were quite small. Matilda felt sorry for the child who had to sleep outside because the 6 beds needed wouldn't fit in her and Charlotte's whare. 

From our introduction to this new inquiry we have a few questions about the people of Whetūkairangi and how they lived:
'How did the Māori that lived here treat injuries?'
'How did they travel by stars if it was a cloudy night?'
'What was an average day like?'
'How did they make clothes?'
'Where did they keep in the food?'
'If they went on long trips in waka, where did they sleep?'

We're curious about where Tara and his ancestors came from, we think it might be somewhere in Polynesia. We think they might have travelled by waka and it would have taken a few hours!

By Chris, Edward, Raffy, Matilda and Charlotte.

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